I observed that the basic motive for suc

I observed that the basic motive for success is the driving force of envy and jealousy! (and my grumpiness)- Solomon


I have been invited to participate in th

I have been invited to participate in the Fancy Pantsy Artsy Party. Sept. 27 7-9 pm.
I will be sharing and selling my art along with other artist. Last years Artsy Party was a great success, so I am honored to be a part of it. I am working on a Clewiston Lake Okeechobee sunset, a majestic LaBelle oak tree with the bridge in the background, and a portrait of captian Hendry. The art show is at the Clewiston Museum located at 109 Central Ave. Clewiston, Florida 33440

in America

Doctors visits – Car Rides – Church visits – Divine appointments – Physical Therapists – Big decisions – Family Fun – Perspective on our lives in Mexico – Strengthening family and friendship bonds – Rest(but not much) – Connecting with supporters

Once again we wish to thank all of you for your prayers and to express the depth of our gratefulness that we are here and done with our adoption. 

the future-  We request prayer for the direction of our ministry for this comming year.  We have ideas and thoughts, but we want to know God’s path for us.


We Made It!

We have an…

American boy! We have crossed into the USA. And we have a son, legally. We are filled with thanksgiving. We crossed yesterday at about 4:30 into El Paso, Texas. Then we drove strait to Tucson, AZ, arriving at about 10pm. We fly out to FL tommarrow morning. Thankyou for all of your prayers and for encouragement.


dodging twisters

made it to Juarez.  Had to stop in the road to lest a cyclone pass.  We had a great super fancy pancy Fathers Day meal.  Tomorrow in the morning we go to the consulate.  Thanks for all your support and prayers.  We can’t believe that we are here.


success in Tijuana off to Juarez

hours and hour pile up in the car.  we are craning our necks to try and reach our destination.  the old toyota keeps pluggin.  we are exhausted, but excited.  monday morning we hit the us consulate.  keep us in your prayers.